Brightness of Edison Bulbs

Factors for choosing Edison bulb

Edison bulbs are very well known bulbs and they are the first type of bulb that was used. If you have decided to choose the Edison bulb for your project then choosing the right Edison bulb is important. There are many considerations to be taken in mind while you are choosing the Edison bulb. The most important is the aesthetic factor and includes the shape of bulb. Another factor is filament type. There is the need to have the right base to fit the fixture which you are having and a socket adapter can be used for different sized base of fixture.

The thing that people commonly overlook is the brightness of the Edison bulbs. Many of the people get disappointed when they turn on their first Edison bulb. The brightness of eth Edison bulbs is not as much as the incandescent bulbs. Actually this is the most desirable thing for people. If you have a 60 watt Edison bulb and if it provides the same amount of light which is provided by the typical incandescent then the filament will be very bright to look. It will not be appreciable. If you are thinking of the Edison bulbs for the purpose of decoration then it is a very good idea.

Considering brightness of Edison bulb

If you are thinking of replacing or upgrading the Edison bulbs then the first thing to be considered is the light bulb which is currently in the fixture. Then you need to determine that how many lumens are provided and then find an equivalent Edison bulb. This can be found form the website of eth manufacturer as lumens is something which is not commonly known to everyone. It is upto you to decide to have less light form the fixture or you find more than the Edison bulbs.

It is always advisable to take out some time and find about the lumens output of bulbs. Before buying any new bulb you need to research about the lumens. In general the Edison bulbs provide one third of light of incandescent bulb. This is the general rule but it may change and the impact may be different. Thus there is need of proper research. The lumens of Edison bulbs should be compared with the bulbs that you are replacing so that you can find about the output of light. If you are also thinking of buying the Edison bulb then consider all the above things.

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