Tips for Buying Edison Lights

Base and shape of Edison bulb

Edison bulbs are very commonly purchased by people nowadays. When you are buying the Edison bulbs there are certain things which are to be considered, the first thing is base size or base type. The standard base or the medium base is the size which can replace almost any light fixture in the house. It can also replace the tabletop lamps. The Edison bulbs and the vintage lighting fixtures are those which are made using the candelabra base. The base of those bulbs is usually small and they have flame or the torpedo shaped bulb.

The second thing to be considered is the shape of the bulb. The Edison bulbs come with the standard and non standard bulb shapes. The all types of bulbs shapes do not fit in all types of fixtures. There is a relation between the bulb shapes and the fixtures. There are certain bulb shapes which look better when they are used in the vintage lighting fixtures as compared to other fixtures. The bulbs are grouped into 4 categories.

Wattage of Edison bulbs

The standard shaped bulbs are very closely similar to the incandescent bulbs shape. Those bulbs are widely known as the A17, A19, A21 and A23 as per their size. The globe shaped bulbs are the spherical bulbs which are also known as G30, G40 and G25 as per their size. The tube shaped bulbs are the bulbs which are cylindrical in shape and they make great deigns. They are also known as the T10, T20, and T12 as per their sizes. The last category is known as the flame tip or the torpedo shape bulbs. These bulbs are small in size and they are the decorative bulbs which are grouped in the candelabra category. They are usually used for the smaller mounting.

After the shape and size the third consideration in case of the Edison bulbs is the wattage. Edison bulbs do not produce the light in same way as produced by other lights. They are different from the incandescent lights. If you are replacing a 40W incandescent bulb with the 40W Edison bulbs then you will get very less amount of light. You need to compare the lumens output of each bulb. The last consideration is the filament shape. There are many filament shapes available and each has different design. Make sure that you get the prefect filament design that satisfies your needs.


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