Combining vintage lighting and Edison bulbs

Latest trend

Vintage lighting and the Edison bulb related products are widely available in the market but finding the best one is in hands of the person. You can get the best ones at online stores. Buying the vintage lighting and Edison bulbs online has benefits like customer service and the security in case of online stores is very high. You can get a wide collection at online stores at the most reasonable prices. The combination of the vintage lighting and the Edison bulbs is great at any place. Replacing the existing lighting fixtures at your place is an easy task and as per the trend you must go for the vintage lighting and the Edison bulbs.

The bulbs are grouped with the bulb shape and the base size. The easy comparison tool for the brightness, life and filament design is Bulb-O-Matic. If you are building your own vintage lighting fixture then along with bulbs and fixture the other things like light sockets, cloth covered electric wire, plugs, etc should be chosen properly. There are certain notes which you should consider when you are buying the vintage lighting fixtures.

Points to be considered

When you are buying the new fixture you need to take the look at the dimensions of the fixture very closely. In case of sconces give proper attention to the distance from the junction box which is mounted at the top of the fixture or the shade. Make sure that there is proper clearance in the location of sconce and keep proper consideration of the heat output. If you are buying the pendant lights and the chandeliers then there are things which you need to give proper attention. The first thing to be taken care of is the length of the pendant drop and the distance of the pendant form the ceiling to the bottom. There are certain pendant lights which are of fixed length and some are adjusted at a certain range.

If you are using it for the work surface then it should be 2 to 3 feet from the surface of light. For the dining table the light should be 3 feet above. In case of kitchen lights should be kept at proper height so that they don’t lose the effectiveness of the light. Lights should not be higher than 5 feet because they are of no use then. When the vintage lighting is used with Edison bulbs the levels of lights produced will be less and thus you must keep minimum distance from surface.

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