Mason Jar Lights

Heat Consideration in Edison Bulbs- Solution: Mason Jar Lights

Producing light Produces Heat!

There are many people and manufacturers who use the Edison bulbs and make the lights on their own. For all those the concept of heat output is of highest consideration. When you use the fabric shades and the inflammable materials in the projects then there is need to make sure that there is adequate space between the material and the bulb. The next point to be considered is to make sure that the material is supported and is not left free to flap into bulb and rest on it.

A very well known project with Edison bulbs is Mason jar lights. This project is a great one because it is very easy to do. It shows of the bulb and it gives the retro look. The Edison bulb gives the vintage feeling as the Edison bulbs is clearly shown off. If you are also trying to build a Mason jar pendant light then make sure that it gives beautiful and vintage look. Along with that consider the heat produced by the bulb. There are variations on how different people do this project.

Mason jar lights

Different people have different ways of working of working around the solution but there is one popular method for the Mason jar pendant light with Edison bulbs. The method is to drill the holes into the lid of jar and this is usually done so that the heat escapes from the top of the jar. This is the most common solution to the problem of the heat output in this type of lights. There are other ways also for the heat output.

Another solution to the heat output in the Mason jar light is such where there is need of some more technical skills. You can leave the lid intact and cut the bottom of jar. You need to be very careful when you are cutting the glass. After you have completed with proper cutting, the next thing is to polish the edges which you have cut. For proper polishing there is need to wet the sandpaper and use it so that the sharp edges are not left. If you are having small hands then this method is best when there is need to change the light bulbs. The lid is not necessary to be removed. But you need to be aware of the sharp edges. This caution is not only for mason jars but for all types of lighting.

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