History of Edison Bulbs

What are Edison bulbs?

Edison bulbs that are also known as the filament bulbs are the antique looking light bulbs. They are the bulbs different from other bulbs as you can directly look at them without hurting your eyes. This is the reason that the Edison bulbs are used bare. They add the vintage and rustic look to the room. They are different from the regular bulbs and the modern incandescent bulbs. The inventor of the light bulbs is Edison and when he started with his experiments of light bulbs, the general structure and technology for the incandescent bulbs was already there.

How the Edison bulbs evolved?

The glass bulb was produced which evacuated the oxygen with filament of carbonized material which glowed and never burn when electrified. The prototype of Edison bulbs were used by man of the scientist in the 19th century to make refinements in field of bulbs. Edison said that the key to create the viable bulb is to find the proper material for filament such that it lasts for long time before burning out.

The Edison bulbs are considered the carbon bulbs which were the first types of bulbs produced. The carbon filament bulbs were the first electric light bulb which hit the market in 1882. In 1904 the tungsten filament was introduced which was more efficient and last longer than the carbonized filament. This transformation helped in improving the lifespan and the brightness of the bulb. In order to produce more light the lamps required the long filaments and they made the bulbs more efficient. The Edison bulbs refer not only to the carbon lamps but also the tungsten filament lamps. These bulbs are the reproduction of the wound filament bulbs. The Edison bulbs are identified due to their internal filaments and by the yellow glow which they produce.

The filaments design has never left the market and the innovations have taken place in the energy efficient design. Today many innovations has taken place in the bulbs and lamps but still there are restaurants which use the Edison bulbs as they want to have the vintage look and theme. When the ban on low efficiency lighting was applied the demand for the Edison bulbs has increased. The Edison bulbs are not in the category of low efficiency lighting but are listed under the specialty lighting. You can get the best Edison bulbs in the market and online also. The design will give you the vintage look.

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