Proper placement of Edison bulbs

Lighting an important factor

Lighting is an important aspect of any room on the basis of which the look and feel of the house will be decided. If you have chosen the best furniture and best curtains but have not chosen proper lighting, then all of them will be of waste. Lighting is the thing which gives the importance to all other things. Have you ever been to a jewellery showroom? You might have noticed there that the lighting is an important aspect at those places. The reason is on basis of lights the jewellery will glow and give a better look.

You can choose the Edison light bulbs or the vintage bulbs. When you are buying those bulbs make sure that they are placed properly. If the room has no overhead lighting or the wall sconces then it is always advisable to have the electrician and make the provision for those lighting. The overhead lights should be placed at 2 inch or 4 inch levels as the 6 inch level lights will prove to be much brighter. The vintage and Edison bulbs make the room fill with the needed illumination and that also without looking tacky or too heavy.

Wall sconces

The wall sconces give a flattering glow and they serve as the decorative vintage pieces. The new vintage style is very popular in lighting in current times. Make sure that you don’t light the room with overhead lights exclusively. If the light given form height is not aligned properly then it will give the prison like effect. The shadows will be seen in such cases. So it is advisable to create the pool of light by placing the lights at different heights and levels. It will give the layered effect and this is all the game of proportion and scale.

The Edison bulbs and the vintage bulbs give great effects when they are placed above the console table and there is a piece of art hanging there. There are various options which can be used with the Edison and vintage bulbs. The Edison bulbs are also preferable in the bedrooms. You can have a small chandelier above your bed with the Edison bulbs. The reason is that the Edison bulbs provide less light and are not too bright which creates the perfect romantic atmosphere at your bedroom. There are many other uses of the Edison bulbs but the proper placement is important.

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